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We cover the following areas of game development

art in game development
game development
design in game development
animation in game development
marketing in game development
operations in game development







PC / console
mobile game development
VR and AR game development




VR Goggles
logo for Against Gravity recruitment in gaming for game dev jobs


Against Gravity is a Recruitment Partner dedicated to finding and placing the best Talents from the game development industry straight into PC, console, mobile, and VR/AR projects.


Against Gravity was established in Poland - the fastest-growing gaming market in Europe, with a mission of sharing knowledge, experience, and good practices to help gaming studios grow their teams even more efficiently and push for positive changes in recruitment in the gaming industry.  

Our team has years of experience in the recruitment field specializing strictly in the gaming industry. We gained our expertise in international gaming recruitment agencies and placed the best candidates in AAA, indie, and mobile game studios.

We also supported studios internally, being part of the recruitment team, working closely with Hiring Managers, and focusing on finding, recruiting, and hiring the best international specialists from the gaming industry. 

The main recruitment strategy we have is to CARE

We are here to help create the best teams that will make the best games and we care about every aspect of that. We are informative and transparent, delivering results, and providing the best recruitment experience to build long-term relationships between studios and their future employees.

We are an extension of your recruitment team or part of it

We will be proud representatives of your company’s values and standards to find nothing but the best candidates. We are proficient in finding the right Talents, sourcing techniques, 360 recruitment process, hiring strategies, communication, and negotiations with a solid gaming industry network. We believe that only close cooperation lets us understand your recruitment needs and follow the dynamic of changes in that area.

We work quality, not quantity

Every Talent find is a combination of individual approaches, searching techniques, targeted headhunting, networking, and market knowledge. We put a lot of effort into finding the right ones and don’t waste your time providing candidates that don’t meet the criteria, so the hiring managers can focus on other priorities while we do our work.

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