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Maciej Jamrozik

Technical Art Director

"Magda is a highly professional and dedicated recruiter, known for her realistic and goal-oriented approach to the recruitment process. She excels at understanding the needs of both the company and candidates, striving to find the perfect fit for open positions. Her commitment, knowledge, and supportive nature make the recruitment journey smooth and pleasant, making her an invaluable asset in any recruitment process."

Paweł Pienkowski

People Manager (QD, LD)

"I have been working with Magda for over 3 years now and she is a really good and dedicated recruiter, during this time we have managed to talk to an incalculable number of talented candidates and hire the best of them to our team.
Magda is an organized and passionate person for what she does, always leads the topic of recruitment from start to finish, she can also think and act out of the box which is essential in such a competitive market as game development."

Maciej Zatwarnicki

Lead 3D Character Artist

"Magda is one of the best recruiters I had a chance to work with. Always focused on goals, with a realistic approach to the recruitment process and needs of supported departments. Always willing to understand the motivation of management and candidates to find a perfect fit for the open positions."

Michal Pekala

 Principal Recruiter

"Magda is a superb recruiter, one of the best i was lucky to work with. Knowledgeable, comitted, focused on delivering the best services and support, both for the company and the candidates. She gets things done, period. Magda rocks!"

Alex Wright - Manning

Global TA Leader

"Though my time working with Magda was unfortunately brief, I came to rely on her as an key part of the team here at Techland. Conscientious, driven and passionate about her craft, Magda's attitude and ability to deliver for her stakeholders was an integral part of Techland's successful talent acquisition strategy. Her efforts over the last few years have ensured that the recruitment function is in fantastic shape for the future."

Grazyna Savin

Recruitment Manager

"I had the pleasure of working with Magdalena as her Manager and can confidently say that she is an exceptional recruiter. She is unwavering in her dedication to achieving goals, ensuring that she always meet and often exceed expectations. Her unique blend of professionalism and humor makes even the most challenging tasks enjoyable. Magda is a valuable member of any team, fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment. One of Magda’s standout qualities is her ability to match candidates not only in terms of skills but also in cultural alignment with an organization.
I highly recommend Magdalena as a top-notch recruiter."

Julian Kenning

Art Outsource Manager

"Magdalena has been heavily involved in my own recruitment process and I'm really glad she was.
She has been equally clear and welcoming in her way of communicating, fast and genuinely helpful with her responses to any follow up questions I had and overall simply pleasant to interact with."

Anna Kubica

Lead Brand Manager

"Magda, thanks for finding me and reaching out to me. Also for great contact and being the point of touch during the whole process of recruitment "

Fabio Salvi

Lighting Artist

"The recruiting process with Magdalena was great from start to finish, always very clear through every step and overall fast, especially for these rough pandemic times. I wish all hiring processes were as easy as my experience with her."

Dmitry Martirosyan

 Director of Business Development

"I've worked with Magdalena during the recruitment process at Techland. And the whole experience was smooth, seamless and highly professional. Magdalena made sure that the entire interview flow is well-structured and organized: she delivered information in a transparent manner and guided me from the very beginning until my first day at the company. For me it was one of the best hiring and onboarding experiences in my professional life."

Marcin Surosz

Lead UI/UX Designer

“Magda is well-organised, professional and knowledgeable. The recruitment experience was very smooth from the earliest stages up until signing with Techland. Oh, she's also super nice, which greatly helps!"

Mihai Ionita

Senior Level Designer

"Magda was a great help during my recruitment process. She was professional, helpful, and always kind. The experience was smooth and pleasant, and I appreciated her assistance every step of the way."
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