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Put your passion to work

Against Gravity will help you to find your dream job in the gaming industry.

As a recruitment agency, we are working on the request of the gaming companies that hire us to find the best candidates for their teams. This means, in this case, the service we provide for candidates is 100% free of charge. 

We have years of experience in the recruitment field, specifically in the gaming industry, and even if the studios hire us our aim is always - the best candidates' experience possible. 


We will provide you with all the details we can share according to the company, project, terms of cooperation, and benefits of the companies we partner with. We want to be transparent about everything to save you time and help you make the best choice for your future employer.

We also want to get to know you to find out more about your professional experience, skills, and motivations to be able to offer you further guidance and support in finding the best opportunity.  

To do that, we will need your CV and portfolio and some of your time to meet online, talk, and get to know you and your field of expertise. The next step is presenting your application to our clients - we will never share your profile with any studio unless you have given us your permission first. 

Our focus is to build long-term relationships with You - a Specialist from the gaming industry, so we can assist you not only by offering you the best matching opportunities from the market but also by providing you with information and guidance during the whole recruitment process. 

Let's talk about job opportunites!

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